book "My Chouffe Story"

book "My Chouffe Story"

My Chouffe Story, a book about La Chouffe, written by brewer Chris Bauweraerts. Available in Dutch, French and English.


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Gnomes grow too... The history of the Belgian beer "La Chouffe" reads like a fairytale. A hobby that escalated rapidly , brewer Chris Bauweraerts said. In 1982 he started brewing in a shed accompanied by Pierre Gobron. They didn't have a lot of resources, but they did have loads of talent and a dose of persistence. At the 27th of August 1982, the first brew was finfished. Now, every year, 100000 hectoliters of gnome beer flows through the pipes and step by step, la Chouffe is concering the world. "My Chouffe story" describes the rich history of Brasserie d'Achouffe. Enjoy!