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Big Chouffe bottle 1.5L

Big Chouffe bottle 1.5L

This magnum is an original gift that is unanimously appreciated. The back of the silk-screen printed bottle has a decorative feature created by a different designer each year. Create a collection.


  • Height 36 cm

  • Diameter 10,8 cm


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It has become a tradition: every year, since 2005, the Brasserie d'Achouffe asks a comic-book illustrator to design a label for the back of the magnum (1.5L), the Big Chouffe. 

This year, the Brasserie has chosen MARGERIN, the illustrator of 'Lucien', the character with the most famous quiff in French comic books.

Frank Margerin was born on 9th of January in Paris. After studying Applied Arts and qualifying as an enamellist and textile designer, this multi-talented artist went into advertising. In 1976 Margerin created his first comic strip with the characters 'Simone and Leon'. Following from this he increased his design output: album covers, posters for films, concerts and festivals, and illustrations for advertisements. But he is well-known first and foremost for his long-running character 'Lucien' in 'Métal Hurlant', a monthly magazine published by Humanoïdes Associés. This grinning rocker, so symbolic of the 80s, was why Frank Margerin was the 1992 winner of the Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême. In 2008, he became part of the Fluide Glacial team, where he continues the further adventures of Lucien.

So it is no surprise that the Brasserie d'Achouffe is working with this talented artist.