Château d'YChouffe 2016 - Red

Château d'YChouffe 2016 - Red


Château d'YChouffe anno 2016
A surprising beer based on malted barley and grapes


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When Brewery Achouffe celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012, the dwarf Marcel was offered a trip to the lovely little “Pineau river” in Bordeaux.

Like the source in the woods of Cédrogne, the water of the “Ruisseau de Pineau” has medicinal qualities for dwarves.
When Marcel arrived, he met other dwarves there, who were wine growers. He started talking to them and discovered that the “Pineau” dwarves grow their grapes in an area covering 66 ha near the stream. Using the must from these grapes, they produce a fine dessert wine, Sauternes. Before returning to the land of Achouffe, Marcel placed an order with them for must from two hectares of vines. This must was delivered to Brewery Achouffe, where it was added to LA CHOUFFE beer to obtain a unique and perfect fermentation. This delicious drink of 8,5% alc./vol. should be savoured among friends as an aperitif or with dessert.

This delicious beer is available in a limited, numbered series of bottles 75 cl.
Serve very cool (3° C)

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